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We try to feature a few guest posts on europeanentrepreneurship.com each month. The aim is to:

  • Give europeanentrepreneurships’ readers a fresh perspective on business, technology, project management, finance and marketing analysis.
  • Introduce them to other talented business analysts and writers.
  • Allow other business bloggers the chance to connect with europeanentrepreneurships’ readers.

We only consider guest posts from other bloggers. If you have a company or brand to promote, europeanentrepreneurship.com is the optimal option.

We only take guest posts from genuine friends or readers who have supported us, for example by following us at Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter or commenting on this blog regularly.

If you’d like to have a guest post featured on European Entrepreneurship and we know you or will recognize your name, please email us a two sentence bio, a link to your blog and the headline of your suggested post.

If we decide to go ahead you can contact us in order to provide you the guest’s post submission guidelines.

We look forward to getting to know you and hope to share one of your posts here when you are ready.