Why Is Your Office Design Extremely Important for Branding?

Office Design
Office Design

If you have ever been lucky enough to walk into Google’s offices or that of a similarly world-renowned corporation, you have noticed the distinct look and feel that every corner or every room exudes. The color-coded patterns from the brand and the logo are everywhere, the shapes and textures add another layer of purpose and recognition, while the very architecture of the space represents the atmosphere and the mood of those working together and sharing the offices.

It’s no coincidence that such attention to detail is present in all the major brands’ offices. They know all too well just how impactful first impressions, work environment, and consistent branding have, not just on their employees, but on potential clients and partners, as well.

Building your identity

The focus of the majority of modern businesses is on their digital presence, and rightfully so. This, however, is no reason to neglect other bits and pieces that make up your company, hence the need to invest time, energy, and creativity into a branded work environment. After all, that is equally relevant in crafting a complete picture for anyone who walks through the doors of your business.

To an extent, your office and all the physical items in it are an opportunity to show your imagination by infusing it with your brand’s colors, shapes, and details such as the logo or your slogan. The music that you play in the common area, the messages you leave next to the vending machine – these are all your brand’s way of speaking to anyone who walks by. So, use them!

Bringing your employees together

Salary may be your first idea when it comes to attracting the most competent pool of people to work with you, but your retention rate will skyrocket only if you have an all-encompassing strategy to keep them engaged. Professionals with ambition strive to improve themselves all the time, and they, much like your customers, thrive in the right emotional environment – which is where branding saves the day.

They should feel like a team with shared values and goals, where each of them feels at home in their office. Encouraging branded as well as personalized details can make a significant difference in creating the right company culture and spirit among your team members. This is why massive companies such as Google with thousands of employees scattered across the world still feel like one company, no matter where they are.

Creating consistency

If you have already succeeded in creating a digital presence that emanates your brand’s vibes, the same effect should be achieved with your physical space. Whether you’ve given out a contemporary, ingenious impression with the use of clever geometry and unconventional shapes and colors, or your brand is known for its quirky, vintage vibes, the same look and feel can be “translated” into your office.

This is where the experts such as Studio X can step in, since they incorporate all crucial design segments into your strategy, from your online presence and branding your product and its unique packaging, all the way to your office space. That level of cross-branding and design can help disseminate the same message through all of your brand channels, so that no matter where the point of contact is, each customer, client, employee, and partner will get the same range of impressions.

Boosting creativity and productivity

Several examples of studies show just how essential your office space is in driving your teams to deliver their best results. Just by changing a single element of your design, such as the amount of space you have at your disposal, a company can drastically change the office mood, which in turn inspires more productivity as well as loyalty.

When Triangle Pest Control expanded their office, they saw a 45% decrease in turnover in a single year – which is a drastic improvement, especially on a more long-term scale. The same can be said for companies that go the extra mile in creating an office space that makes the employees feel like a part of something significant, unlike just being a cog in an endless machine. Branded design combined with functional architecture creates that balance every brand needs to preserve its authenticity, while creating a space that enables its people to do their best work.

While your office design cannot possibly replace the impact of your general working policy, how you treat your employees, and whether or not you make sure they have room to grow, it still remains a relevant segment that brings all of the listed essentials to life.