The Art of Learning Entrepreneurship – It’s Easier Than You Think

Learning Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is the running force behind any strong economy, and not only can it change how we work, but also how we live. Smaller businesses influence us on a daily basis, and the innovations they bring to the collective table should not be neglected.

Even giant tech companies like Apple cannot R&D everything, and from time to time, they acquire smaller startups (like they recently did with Asaii, a company that develops algorithms that analyze music) in order to help their already existing products like Apple Music. Even a small startup like that can create a cascading effect that will not only influence a few workers but the whole economy in general, which is why all developed countries understand and heavily invest into the promotion of this kind of business.

The Importance of Entrepreneurship is Everywhere

All things considered, entrepreneurship offers not only new ways of earning money but also much more freedom when designing your life – isn’t this what all of us should strive for?

It is understandable why entrepreneurship is such a popular field to be studied at universities, online courses, and why so many books are constantly being written on the topics of business and entrepreneurship.

Don’t Confuse Entrepreneurship with Business

While business and entrepreneurship can be interchangeable, there is a major underlining difference between those two. Simply put, business-running focuses more on the economic side of things, running a great bookkeeping job, while entrepreneurship emphasizes thinking in terms of creating a great idea, a good marketing campaign, and knowing what your audience wants, as well as how to start (and run) your business from the bottom up.

This doesn’t have to mean that business-focused courses are bad – they are usually more corporate focused and tend to neglect the everyday problems of running a small startup.

Can You Study Entrepreneurship?

Colleges are aware of this growing trend and offer a variety of subject that can help you on your path to a better understanding of how everything works – a single course will not be able to cover all the caveats of such a big topic, but there are a few great places to start.

And while a diploma won’t necessarily make you prepared for the real world, depending on your major, you will be able to have a great start with an incredible initial boost. A related diploma will give you great credibility; an excellent proof of your skills.

Studying Entrepreneurship is All about What You Focus On

Majors that you should focus on should be in marketing and computer skills; the former will give you a great insight into how to understand what the audience wants, and how to best incorporate that into your original idea, while the latter will give you all the skills to really have an effortless start.

You would have a general idea of how to use the most popular programs; you’ll know how to run your business in an online-dependent environment that will give you the edge much older businesses do not have.

After those two, other subjects that focus on communication, creating business pitches, and creative writing, in particular, will help you with finding partners which are essential for smaller startups.

With the help of some basic financial knowledge, you will have the necessary skills to run your businesses successfully.

But colleges and majors aren’t for everyone – a lot of people simply do not have the time needed to complete all the courses, nor the finances. But there are other options to help you on your path?

So, College is Not Your Thing?

There are several great online courses that will enable you to get the needed knowledge to navigate yourself in these waters – you only need to pick what you want (and need).

You must have heard of Coursera and Udemy. They are quite popular platforms that offer courses on a variety of subjects, and entrepreneurship is no exception. While it’s true that an online course will not give you the same engagement you get in a real classroom – if you get into the right mindset, those courses can be an invaluable source of information. And not to mention that they are constantly discounted and can be attended for just a few dollars.

The Benefits of Online Entrepreneurship Courses

The only thing you need here is time to listen to the video material prepared, do the exercises meticulously, and write everything down like you would in a normal class. Think of this more than just a TV show you need to watch, and actually be engaged with the progress that the course imposes.

There are a lot of choices here, and it’s hard to recommend a single, all-encompassing course. Look at the reviews, who’s the creator and what topics does it try to handle and how. There is usually a test video to see if you like the speaker, how they tried to present the course. Follow your gut and go for what you think will help you the most.

Most of these courses are quite up-to-date and offer information that is sometimes even better than what you’ll find at a college, and offer more real-life experiences, with real examples and online resources.

After completion, you will get a certificate that can be shared on social networks, and while it will never be worth the same as a university diploma when you do manage to get 10 certificates, and after you’ve listened to over 100 hours of lectures – it won’t matter. You will be able to achieve that for only a small fraction of a college course price, and you will get knowledge from world-renowned entrepreneurs, lecturers, and speakers.

Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained

When it comes to any kind of knowledge, it is all about what you have and creating a path to what you need. You need either time, or money (while it’s usually both) to become good at anything, and learning everything about entrepreneurship is no different.

But as I’ve mentioned at the start, it’s not about what you must give, it’s about what you have to gain – the improvement of life and work on a scale that rarely any job can offer you. The freedom that comes with being an entrepreneur, with the satisfaction of knowing you are making an impact on the lives of those around you – both for those working with you, and the whole community in general. Now, get crackin’.



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