Thursday, December 10, 2020
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Marketing Mix: What are the 4 P’s of marketing?

The Marketing Mix also known as the 4 P’s of marketing help companies to get a basic understanding of what they are trying to do and who they are trying to reach. If any of the 4 P’s is off, then the entire strategy could fall apart.

How to form an optimal marketing strategy?

So you’ve decided that your company needs a better marketing strategy. Anyone can develop a strategy, but in order to produce a document that actually helps your business meet its marketing goals, you need to craft your strategy with certain steps and tactics in mind.

Examples of Digital Marketing Campaigns

Every digital marketing campaign needs to be well-developed, implemented, and analyzed. These examples of digital marketing campaigns show you it's possible to do all that and still be interesting and innovative.

What is a marketing plan?

A marketing plan is like a business plan—it is a particular document that details all of your strategies and tactics relating to marketing over a specific period of time.