Five Marketing ideas that work in most businesses

Marketing ideas that work in most businesses

It is said that a marketing plan and marketing in general, is the most advanced weapon in the entrepreneur’s arsenal. Let’s see five marketing ideas that could help you in order to perform your work more efficiently and easily. 

Sell to existing customers

Research shows that it is 5 times more expensive for a company to bring a new customer than to make an existing one to buy again. You should know that better source of sales and thus income stream is your existing clientele. After all, your product or services have been built by listening potential customers’ needs and problems.

Sell the “why” and not the “how” and “what” of your product

You should remember that people buy “benefits” or better the “why” of products rather than the technical specifications or how they work. Discover the most important benefits offered by your product, the real whys and show it to the market.

Stop talking and listen to your customer

Listen carefully to your clients and treat them kindly. Even if you disagree, let them tell you what they have in mind. Apply the rule, “We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak”. Try to become a facilitator to your client, someone who can see the problem and can suggest reliable solutions. When your client is facing as his/her personal advisor, sales chances increase significantly and exponentially.

Contact clearly with your customers

You may know what you are talking about, but you have to ask yourself if your customers know about your products or your services?  You should understand that people do not always think about your business or product, and that will only give half their attention to your ad – even when the watch it! You should see your ad from the outside as if you were a customer. You should make sure that those who watch, read, hear or see advertising, fully understand the main message you want to pass through. As Russell Glass has stated, “Focus on the right message for the right people at the right time.

Build a Marketing plan with annual planning and budgeting

The heart of a company is its people and its customers. Without your people, one cannot provide products and services to the clients. Without the clients, there is no purpose to ‘liveand breathe” as a company. A Marketing Plan helps you to set your goals, personalize your advertising plan, showing your marketing tactics to apply and measure their effectiveness. Essentially it helps you determine the “path” you should follow to achieve your goals as a company.

After all, you have to pin in your mind that the main aim of the marketing, as a business tool, is to get customers to know, like, love and trust you and your products.


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