Make Your Marketing Plan before Your Business Plan

making marketing plan
Creating a Marketing Plan

Everyone knows you need a business plan if you’ve decided to give entrepreneurship a go, but what many rookie entrepreneurs don’t realize that having a good marketing plan is just as important. Your marketing plan is where you figure out how you’re going to win and keep your customers. And if you’ve never made a marketing plan before, here’s a closer look at how you should do it.

Design your logo and website

There’s no need to say that every business out there needs a good logo. Your logo tells people the name of the company and creates a visual they can relate to it. On top of this, a well-designed logo helps you build trust which is something you simply have to do. Just bear in mind that minimalist logos with broken letters and simple color pallets are hot right now. Once you have your logo, it’s time to set up your company’s website. There are experts who can help you design both your logo and website, so turning to them is always recommended.

Do a market research

If you want to give your new business a fair chance to succeed, you need to do a market research before you start investing in it. This should help you figure out whether your plan makes sense and whether doing it is actually going to pay off. Moreover, a market research can help you identify gaps in the market you’ll be able to use to your advantage. Find something your competitors don’t offer and use it as a focal point of your marketing efforts. This should help your business stay ahead of the pack.

Learn more about your customers

No matter what kind of work your business does, knowing what your customers want is an absolute must. Not only that this allows you to shape your products/services according to their needs but it can also help you in terms of marketing. Luckily, there are plenty of tools you can use to track what your customers are talking about and find out more about their needs. You can also decide to go to your customers and ask them about what they’d want to do see from a new company on the market and include it into your business plan.

Think about local marketing

Getting a new business off the ground is never easy and you’ll probably have to focus on achieving local success before you decide to tackle some larger markets. Luckily, there are plenty of local marketing channels you can use to bring your business closer to customers nearby. Firstly, there are local TV and radio stations that can run your ads as much as you want. Also, you can think about printing flyers and have someone hand them out in a popular location close to you. Billboards and posters are something you can never go wrong with as well.

Market your business online

We live in the age of internet and promoting your company on the web is something you just can’t move forward without. And with so many ways to promote your business online, identifying the ones that work the best for you can be a bit tricky. Influencers are constantly gaining more popularity and working with some of them might turn out to do wonders for your company. Investing in SEO is also a good idea, since only the websites that show up on the first page of Google search results tend to get enough traffic.

Work out your marketing budget

While there are ways to promote your business for free, like using social media, some marketing channels tend to cost quite a lot. If you want your marketing plan to be a success, you’ll need to figure out how much you can spend on marketing and make sure you don’t go overboard. Most small businesses can’t afford to spand too much money on marketing and if this is the case with you, turning to a company that gives fast business loans might be a good idea. Once you’ve established your budget, make sure you spend it wisely.

Stay on top of trends

We live in a fast-paced world where new marketing trends emerge on a daily basis. Being aware of the most recent trends can help you ensure your company gets the exposer it needs. Therefore, you might want to look for marketing experts on social media and start following them. Besides this, you need to find blogs and online magazines about marketing and visit them regularly. Viral videos are currently pretty hot and trying to come up with one of these for your new business might be a good idea.

Do these 7 things and you’ll be able to design just the perfect marketing plan for your new business. Once you know how you’re going to promote your company, it’s time to work on your business plan and start turning your idea into reality.


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