How to Travel and Work Abroad

How to Travel and Work Abroad

Regardless of what side of the Atlantic Ocean you call home, you can take your consulting and freelance business on the road with some careful planning. Whether you sell products online or offer services to other businesses to help them grow their operations, there’s no need to be tied down to one location, especially if you love traveling and seeing the world. Here’s how you can travel and work abroad.

Get a Game Plan Together

It’s not that difficult to work from anywhere you want, as long as you know where it is you are going to work. For example, knowing that you will be on the road for long periods of time means that you need to plan for work time with a power source and internet connection. Perhaps your plan will include working in the evenings when you arrive at your destination, working in the morning, but taking the afternoon to see the sights and enjoy whatever part of the world you are in. You’ll need to purchase extra battery packs and chargers for your computer, cell phone, and other electronics you’ll be traveling with, but it’s not that costly. Figure out how much money you need to get where you are going and how long you can live there until you need to make more money. If your business is already established, you will likely have a steady stream of income, but always plan for contingencies, emergencies, and the unknown by having some money stashed away in savings.

Find Others Like You

If you are traveling alone, you might find the jaunts from place to place lonely. It’s a good idea to connect with other people like you once you find your footings in a new location and get settled. A coworking space is a great place to connect to local entrepreneurs and make valuable connections. You might even be able to score some clients in the process. Make your way around from coworking space to coworking space to get a lay of the land and familiarize yourself with how new startups are doing business in that area of the world. You might also find traveling writers, freelancers, consultants, salespeople, and more at local coffee shops, shopping mall food courts, and public libraries – anywhere they can get a good internet connection as hotels don’t always have the most reliable connections.

Travel Light

One of the perks of traveling and working is that you can – and maybe will – work from anywhere. It’s not unusual to hear horror stories from traveling business owners who lost luggage, missed planes or forgot something back at the hotel or hostel. To avoid this altogether, keep your load light. Travel with a backpack or hiking pack that you can throw on your back easily as you move from place to place. You don’t need a 3-piece luggage set to see the world. Find a laundromat with a good wi-fi connection and you can do laundry and work at the same time. Carry only what you need and find ways to make your clothes go further: mix and match, shop at thrift stores along the way, trade up and trade in where you can. It’s not about how you look, it’s about what you are doing.

Attend Local Events

One of the best ways to get immersed in the entrepreneurial culture of a new place is to attend any startup events, pitch competitions, or public announcements about business. You might need to do a little digging to find this kind of thing in whatever part of the world you find yourself, but it is worth it to get to meet other business owners and make connections that could help you grow your business even more. What’s more, you’ll be sure to be able to take advantage of any networking opportunities that usually accompany these kinds of events, and of course, there will be copious amounts of coffee on hand.

You Can Travel and Work Regardless of Where You Are

So whether you are just starting your online business or you want to grow it from a hot beach somewhere far away from where you are now, it is possible. Often, people are afraid to branch out and try new things but remember this: you are an entrepreneur. You’ve already done the scariest thing in the world to most people. You started a business. You’re halfway there already. Now it’s about making that commitment to yourself and your business and going for what you really want: a digital nomad lifestyle. The great thing about heading off into the great unknown is that if it doesn’t work out, you can always come back home having learned valuable lessons and seen more of the world than you ever imagined.

Build Up Capacity to Travel and Work

If leaving home and hitting the open road is not something you can manage, consider booking longer times away from home each time you leave. Start with one week on the road and see how it goes. Take it up to two weeks the next time you leave. Go for 15 days in the third round. Stay somewhere for four weeks next time. You can build up your capacity and readiness to take your business on the road a little at a time. It’s your business, after all, you get to decide how you run it and from where.

There’s no shortage of opportunity out there. Don’t let it pass you by.


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