How Successful Entrepreneurs Motivate Their Employees

How Successful Entrepreneurs Motivate Their Employees

Every business relies on its employees. Without productive employees, a company cannot develop further or grow, for that matter. In other words, employees are every company’s most valuable resource. Being a successful entrepreneur doesn’t only mean you’re able to make the right decisions or devise the right strategies. It also means you’re able to motivate your employees to do their best. Entrepreneurs aren’t just expected to be business owners, they must also be leaders that inspire others to follow.

Therefore, you cannot expect your employees to be productive and motivated as soon as they start working for you. Instead, you must make them feel welcome and help them settle in, before you start making any expectations. Motivating employees doesn’t have to be difficult at all. As a matter of fact, money isn’t always the top priority that drives employee motivation. If you focus on what truly matters, instead of just focusing on financial incentives, you’ll be able to greatly improve their productivity. That being said, here are a few ways successful entrepreneurs motivate their employees.

Show them appreciation

Many business owners decide to try raising salaries when they see their employees aren’t properly engaged or motivated to do their work. Although money is always a good motivator, it’s not always what employees need or want. In fact, recognition and appreciation can go a long way when talking about motivating employees.

According to a study, encouragement and recognition are more important to employees than money. That’s why it’s important to appreciate the good work your employees do every day. Even a simple “thank you” can boost motivation in the office. Publicly acknowledging your employees can empower them and boost their morale. For those employees who don’t like public recognition, a face-to-face meeting or an email showing appreciation can produce equal results.

Offer flexibility

Workplace flexibility can be a great motivator for your employees. Nowadays, people generally have difficulties focusing on both their career and their personal life. Oftentimes, one suffers for the sake of the other. Offering more flexibility to employees can help improve their work-life balance and motivate them further to become engaged, as well as productive.

For instance, flexible working hours, ability to work from home and additional days off can help employees take care of personal matters, while also helping them manage their business related responsibilities. It will help your employees take care of any lingering issues and also help them feel more relaxed. As a sign of appreciation, your employees will be more motivated.

Reward your employees

Rewarding employees is a good way to show your appreciation, as well as boost their motivation and engagement. Rewards are also a great way to provide employees with the recognition they deserve. You can reward employees for a job well done when reaching a milestone, overcoming a challenge or reaching a business goal. What’s more, you can simply hand out rewards as an initial motivator.

For instance, give your employees company phones so they don’t have to rely on their own. Business owners can contact providers such as Orange to make the necessary arrangements. That being said, even a simple reward can boost motivation more than you think. Just make sure that the rewards are meaningful in some way to your employees.

Provide an opportunity for growth

No one wants to be stuck at one place forever, including your employees. A good way to provide employees with value and motivate them further is to present them with an opportunity to grow. When employees know they have an opportunity to advance in your company and reach a better job position, they’ll be more motivated to perform exceptionally.

You can also provide them with additional training or offer them to attend courses and seminars to learn new skills or hone existing ones. That way, you’ll motivate them even further, especially since you show that you value them as important members of your company. Taking care of your employees and helping them out can easily lead to more engagement and even loyalty. After all, retaining your employees is very important for your company’s success.

Involve your employees

Another way to boost motivation and morale of your employees is to involve them in important decision making. Not only will you be able to boost motivation of your employees, but you’ll also encourage creative brainstorming, collaboration and coming up with bright new ideas. Every entrepreneur can use a fresh perspective on things that only motivated employees can provide.

Involving employees in decision-making helps boost their confidence. It will also encourage, as well as motivate them to prove themselves and create a strategy that will drive the business forward. When employees are involved in important matters regarding the company itself, they’ll be motivated to show off their skills and prove they’re worthy of your trust.

Employee motivation is essential for their engagement, productivity and efficiency. Besides all mentioned above, you can make your employees feel like a part of a family by creating a comfortable work environment. Supply offices with coffee, tea, snacks or fruits. Organize team buildings or pet days. Those activities can get them to know each other better and can bring better communication. Employees that aren’t properly motivated will soon disengage and even look for employment elsewhere. That’s why it’s important for business owners to establish good relations with their workers and ensure that their employees have everything they need to remain motivated.


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