How can we use digital marketing?

Digital marketing
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There are many different theories about how marketers should use digital marketing in order to maximize their business. But three major digital marketing strategies have emerged from the pack over the past several years—Landing pages, Facebook and Google Ads.

Typically marketers want to push users into digital spaces to their landing pages, where they attempt to have them convert on an offer. For example, let’s say a video game company wants more people buying its games. It might create a marketing plan to figure out its target audience and create a social media plan. It might run Facebook ads geared towards its target audience, and then push those users to a landing page where it asks them to sign up for a newsletter. Once they sign up for that newsletter, they’ll get special offers, industry news, and other information designed to get them to purchase more games in the long run. This is how digital marketing works today—it reaches prospects across different spaces (such as laptop, smartphone, and tablets) and different channels (such as email and social media). Let’s get more specific into how each of the three major digital marketing strategies works.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are designed to get prospects to convert on an offer. That offer can be anything—a product or service, an eBook, a newsletter, a free trial, or report. Landing pages use specific elements which are used to persuade prospects to take action. These elements include headlines, social proof, videos, and calls to action. Prospects generally must submit their name and email in order to take advantage of the offer. Once a prospect has converted, marketers can send them targeted emails to turn them into repeat customers.

Facebook and Google Ads

Facebook and Google ads are critical for marketers because they allow them to target specific segments. For brands that are looking to target certain demographic of their target audience, this is key for success. For example, the hypothetical video game company we referenced earlier could use Facebook to target a specific demographic, such as young people aged 18 to 25 who are more likely to buy their games.

Social Media

Social media is different than running Facebook and Google ads, this refers to a company’s actual presence on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. Companies that run good social media campaigns can bring more attention to their business and find new customers.

Landing pages, Facebook and Google ads, and social media all work together to create a coherent marketing strategy for businesses looking to maximize their digital marketing. Without one of these components, your digital marketing plan could fail. That’s why the savvy business invests in each of these components in order to get the most out of their digital marketing, not only finding their target audience online but motivating them to convert on offers. In the long run, this results in an increase in sales numbers.


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