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How to Travel and Work Abroad

How to Travel and Work Abroad

Whether you sell products online or offer services to other businesses to help them grow their operations, there’s no need to be tied down to one location, especially if you love traveling and seeing the world. Here’s how you can travel and work abroad.
How to Deal with These 3 Key Challenges when Launching a Business

How to Deal with These 3 Key Challenges when Launching a Business

Starting a business is a huge decision and one that is definitely not made lightly. It requires a lot of research and planning. In this article, we will cover several key challenges that you are bound to face during your business launching process, and we will provide you with the right knowledge to overcome them on your way to having a successful business.
Manage your Business

Manage Your Business and Finances Successfully

Running a successful business is never easy. One of the biggest challenges every business can face is financial difficulties. That business aspect has no room for error. Even a simple financial mistake can become a major problem for your company.
SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis: An outstanding tool in every entrepreneur’s arsenal

SWOT analysis is a framework that helps you take stock of your resources, as well as the obstacles you will face. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats. Strengths and weaknesses refer to factors from within your organization that can affect your success in achieving a goal.
Business Networking

Business Networking: Simple and efficient guidelines.

Business Networking is an important tool that anyone can use in an entrepreneurial world. Effective networking is one of the best marketing means and one of the most economical solutions for any business.
Types of Financial Modelling

Top 4 Types of Financial Modelling

All of us would love to have a few wishes on our lives, but as an entrepreneur you can get the next best thing. Financial modelling can serve as a proverbial genie in a bottle. Okay, maybe it’s not magical but having a sound model in place can make it much easier to accomplish all of your business goals.
How to Build Good Credit

How to Build Good Credit If You Are Credit Invisible

If you’re a college student and you have a student loan, the way you repay it will affect your credit scores. If you bought a car using an auto loan, it will also influence your credit scores. And just as you can apply for a secured credit card, you can also apply for a secured loan. They aren’t called “credit-builder loans” for no reason.
Decision Analysis

Decision Analysis with the help of Multi – Attribute Analysis

Decision analysis can offer a wide variety of tools that may lead to solutions. This is achieved through the decomposition of the problem into a set of smaller problems.
Key Informant Interviews

Key Informant Interviews: A useful tool for policy planners

Key Informant Interviews is one of the most common techniques that apply to projects that have social impact or effect to the community, in order a feedback and information to be collected prior to the application of a policy planning or a decision.
Business Model Canvas

What is the Business Model Canvas? A useful tool for every Entrepreneur.

The road from having a great idea to developing it into a working business is long and segmented into many steps. It's easy for...