How to Balance Work and Life as an Entrepreneur

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So, you’ve decided to go on a very bumpy road – being an entrepreneur – and I’m sure you already realized that this kind of lifestyle requires serious sacrifices. But, is it really necessary for you to give up everything in order to be a successful entrepreneur?

In short, the answer is a resounding YES, but according to Gary Vee’s Twitter Bio, the answer is definitely NO.

But, wait a minute. Let’s be crystal clear here. I respect this guy as an entrepreneur, and I really admire him as a speaker, motivator, visionary. I also admire him for his passion, his marketing strategies, his work, and the list goes on and on.

Gary Vaynerchuck Twitter
Gary Vaynerchuck Twitter

However, I cannot accept from a guy who had so much successes on his entrepreneurship journey to have “1. Family 1st” in his bio.

Perhaps, his family is always on his mind and he supports the family via different monetary and non-monetary means.

However, how can one advertise that his or her family comes first while their daily schedule is rather heavy?

  • “Work hard and stop bullshiting yourself”
  • “Eating shit for 18 hours a day is the lifestyle”,
  • “It’s hard work, no luck”

These are just some of his quotes. Strictly speaking, he is right, but the question still stands: Where does he find time for family?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not questioning his love; I respect it and I know that he loves his family very very much; however, his actions and entrepreneurial life do not support his Twitter Bio, at least not in my humble opinion.

Establishing a work-life balance isn’t simple. Many accomplished entrepreneurs even claim that the balance we’re talking about is just an illusion and that the priority is very clear – work, work, work. The truth is that it all comes down to what kind of person you are. If being an entrepreneur isn’t enough for you, invest your energy into building a quality lifestyle.

Compromise Isn’t Always Possible

The thing that has the most influence on my train of thought and my behavior regarding my efforts to achieve a balance is that you can’t indulge everyone. It’s just not possible. As soon as you realize that, your life will be so much easier.

Someone who’s a people pleaser/entrepreneur will have serious difficulties with this matter because they don’t know how to say no. That’s the second piece of advice I have for you – before you find a way to clone yourself, you need to use this word and do so constantly.

Furthermore, you also need to be aware that finding a compromise in a given moment sometimes isn’t possible. However, have in mind that there are always ways to compensate and try to think in that direction.

Prioritizing Is Your Best Chance

What matters most in the life of an aspiring entrepreneur with ambition is to, well, have a life. Considering the fact your schedule is as tight as they get, it’s not really practical nor logical for you to fit into other people’s timetables – it needs to be the other way around.

However, for that to be possible, you need to master the art of prioritizing. It’s not enough for you to have general life priorities – those are the goals you strive towards. What I mean now is developing day to day priorities. With this kind of mindset, you’ll be able to make time for everything you want.

Accept Help from Others and Delegate

Although highly controlling in most cases, entrepreneurs need to be aware of the fact that they are not a one-man show, but that they run an institution.

“If you want something done, do it yourself” doesn’t really work here. I would rather go with “If you want something done, delegate it yourself” in this case.

First of all, working 24/7 is a one-way road to burning out; you will exhaust yourself not only physically, but creatively as well. So, surround yourself with trustworthy professionals and give them an opportunity to earn their paycheck by assisting you.

You Need to Think “Compatible”

This really doesn’t sound romantic, but an entrepreneur who strives towards a successful career needs to think practically, even when it comes to their partners.

Not everyone is cut out for the business life, but even less are capable of being romantically involved with an entrepreneur. Because there are no fixed work hours, and because a problem that requires immediate attention can come up even at 3 am, you need to find yourself a match that is capable of providing you with unconditional support.

Yeah, the term usually is “unconditional love”, but given your ambitions, you need to think in an unconventional and pragmatic way.

The bottom line is that your mind will reach its boiling point if you overwork yourself on a professional level, and you don’t have any time to get rid of stress, pressure, tension. Entrepreneurship is a really hard game.  So, make sure to grow as a person on different levels – which is exactly what the tips we listed above can help you with.


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